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If bed bugs are suspected first and foremost do not panic; secondly do not begin to bag up or discard items. At First Rate we have a minimum to no prep protocol. Upon completion of an inspection and the presence of bedbugs has been confirmed, a customized treatment plan (see tools/techniques of the trade below), based on your individual needs, is formulated. As bed bugs are cryptic in nature, complete control is often difficult to achieve with one treatment. This is especially so with heavy infestations and requires your assistance in order for the treatment to be successful. It is a team effort that will require the client and the pest control professional to work in unison to be successful. For more information call 1718-863-1100 or 1845-534-2229(or click here).

Minimal to no prep protocol

Gone are the days of impractical and extensive prep lists! At First Rate Solutions Inc. we have a minimum to no prep protocol. It may seem contrary to what you have traditionally read online, advice from family and friends and even other pest control professionals. However, due to extensive research minimal prep is slowly becoming the industry standard.

Why? There are a number of reasons pest professionals are adopting this approach, such as;

  • Preparing for service without a proper assessment by a pest professional has contributed to the spread of bedbugs throughout residential/commercial spaces. You may inadvertently pack up bed bugs and move them to a room that may not have a problem. All we require is that the technician is able to move throughout the room(s) while conducting the inspection. No two bedbug infestations are the same, if any preparation is necessary our technician will provide you with a specific to-do list.

  • Having bedbugs is stressful enough without having to pack up your residence or place of business as if you’re going to move out. This approach saves the client time and money.

Canine Bed Bug Scent Detection

We are currently proud owners of three N.E.S.D.C.A. certified bed bug scent detection Beagles (Chase, Rocky, and Apollo). All were trained at J&K Canine Academy.


We use state of the art stainless steel steamers that produce dry steam up to 275 degrees to kill bed bugs and their eggs. A standard steamer is not effective due to their high moisture content.


We extract bed bugs, their eggs, and other pest from cracks and crevices in walls and/or furniture with a commercial grade four level filtration system vacuum.

Hot Box

We have assembled a portable chamber large enough to fit household items such as a bed, dresser, nightstand and various other items. We call this chamber the hot box. A heater inside of the hot box raises the temperature above 120 degrees Fahrenheit; high enough to kill bed bugs and destroy their eggs, without damaging the items within. Determination of suitability for this treatment option will be determined at time of inspection.

Chemical Application

To ensure precise application of products used, we use the latest equipment designed to reach the areas that bed bugs and other pests hide. We also use a battery powered duster to apply Diatomaceous Earth into wall voids. For more information on control call 1-718-863-1100 or 1-845-534-2229.


We can heat rooms to kill bed bugs and their eggs with heaters specifically designed for the pest control industry. Determination of suitability for this treatment option will be determined at time of inspection.


Because we like to offer our clients every option available, First Rate Solutions Inc. has teamed up and developed a program with a fumigation specialist. Fumigation is an extremely expensive process and rarely needed. For more information please call us.

Cryonite System

By way of Carbon Dioxide Advanced Cryonite® technology is a method that freezes bed bugs and other pests dead on contact, without the use of any pesticides or harsh chemicals. In our opinion, Cryonite is not a standalone method for treating bed bugs. It should only be considered after all other options have been explored. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Protect your Investment!

First Rate Solutions Inc. performs pre and post occupancy canine inspections to certify dwellings are BED BUG FREE. So, whether you are selling, renting, or buying a property, we recommend you inspect before you take the next step. We realize nothing replaces the peace of mind knowing that your residence is bed bug free.